Formal description of plant morphogenesis

Journal of Experimental Botany, Volume 70, Issue 14, 1 July 2019, Pages 3601–3613

Authors: Wojtek Palubicki, Andrzej Kokosza, Agata Burian


Plant morphogenesis may be characterized by complex feedback mechanisms between signals specifying growth and by the growth of the plant body itself. Comprehension of such feedback mechanisms is an ongoing research task and can be aided with formal descriptions of morphogenesis. In this review, we present a number of established mathematical paradigms that are useful to the formal representation of plant shape, and of biomechanical and biochemical signaling. Specifically, we discuss work from a range of research areas including plant biology, material sciences, fluid dynamics, and computer graphics. Treating plants as organized systems of information processing allows us to compare these different mathematical methods in terms of their expressive power of biological hypotheses. This is an attempt to bring together a large number of computational modeling concepts and make them accessible to the analytical as well as empirical student of plant morphogenesis.


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