Scintilla: Simulating Combustible Vegetation for Wildfires

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH), 2024

Authors: Andrzej Kokosza 1       Helge Wrede2       Daniel Gonzalez Esparza3       Milosz Makowski1       Daoming Lu3      
Dominik L. Michels3       Sören Pirk2       Wojtek Pałubicki1      

1AMU, Poland
2CAU, Germany
3KAUST, Saudi Arabia


Wildfires are a complex physical phenomenon that involves the combustion of a variety of flammable materials ranging from fallen leaves and dried twigs to decomposing organic material and living flora. All these materials can potentially act as fuel with different properties that determine the progress and severity of a wildfire. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for simulating the dynamic interaction between the varying components of a wildfire, including processes of convection, combustion and heat transfer between vegetation, soil and atmosphere. We propose a novel representation of vegetation that includes detailed branch geometry, fuel moisture, and distribution of grass, fine fuel, and duff. Furthermore, we model the ignition, generation, and transport of fire by firebrands and embers. This allows simulating and rendering virtual 3D wildfires that realistically capture key aspects of the process, such as progressions from ground to crown fires, the impact of embers carried by wind, and the effects of fire barriers and other human intervention methods. We evaluate our approach through numerous experiments and based on comparisons to real-world wildfire data.





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